Monday, September 22, 2014

Ruby Princess, Southampton, England, Monday, September 8, 2014

Our stop in Southampton, England, was the end of the first cruise, the "British Isles Cruise".  Happily, we get to stay aboard for the second, repositioning portion....which Princess is advertising as "Norway/Iceland Explorer".  We know better.....there is only one stop in Norway and the 2nd of 3 ports in Iceland was canceled....more about that later.  So we took off, looking for a pedicure for Kathy.  Apparently, the women don't get pedicures.  At least, they don't in this part of Southampton.  It took one hour to find a place and they were only $15 less than the ship.  Forget it.  On to blogging.

Fortunately, we could walk to everything in Southampton.  We are getting to know this section of town well.  We find a La Costa coffee shop (UK's version of Starbucks).  This blogging is becoming very frustrating.....the wifi in the UK is not much better than NZ, much to our surprise.   Grrrr....

But a beautiful sunset leaving port is a fine sight to see!!!