Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Ruby Princess, Glasgow, (Greenock) Scotland, Monday, September 1, 2014

Well, this is supposed to be Glasgow, but Glasgow is a 45 minute drive and we were there for 3 days.  So, we are going to the small port town to try to blog.....after we relax and read our books for a few hours.  This is the welcoming committee!

Entering the port on foot....Greenock, by name

We were directed to "the mall" for the best we land at yet another La Costa coffee shop

'Twasn't the best connection....we are struggling with finishing this blog.....!!!!

The Main Street of Greenock

In one block, there were 3 betting parlors.....indicates something about the local economy, we think.

Back on board, we pull out of Greenock, bound for Edinburgh.

Our waiter, Julian, is one of the best we have had in YEARS!!  Personable, attentive, efficient, funny, card tricks....those of you who have cruised a lot over the years will appreciate this.  He is the waiter who personifies service from long, long ago.  He is on the right in the first picture and on the left in the second.  We are at a table of 6, but seem to be the 2 who get "picked on"!!!  His assistant, Marc Anthony, also pictured, was promoted the next day and we lost him.  He has, however, returned twice to say "hi".  The food and the service have been exceptional on this cruise!