Friday, September 5, 2014

Ruby Princess, Liverpool, England, Saturday, August 30, 2014

Don't know bout you, but I always thought of Liverpool as grimy and more!!  The city has undergone a renaissance!!!

Pat Graham asked the "greeter" about a "Hop on, Hop off".....his reply:  "can we go somewhere private?"

A band to welcome us

And modern contemporary buildings all around us!

A few older ones, too, but they were attractive, white, not gray

The ONE thing we wanted to do in Liverpool was the Beatles Story.  Fortunately, we had already bought a ticket because they were full.  Since we were on the cruise ship and couldn't return tomorrow, we were admitted.

The Cavern is the bar where they "started" with nearly 300 performances.

All sorts of replicas.

Rock star living.

First trip to America.

John Lennon's words to introduce his moving song "Imagine".

The works to "Imagine" which we read while listening to it.

A very moving ending...but not a very good attraction for what is billed as THE number ONE thing to see in Liverpool.  Very disappointing.  Billed as multimedia, we had anticipated newsreels, TV footage, rather than just posters and recorded music.  Skip it, if you get to Liverpool!