Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ruby Princess, Bergen, Norway, Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Our entrance to Bergen, Norway is a beautiful waterway.....We remember Bergen from a trip to Norway five years ago.  Beautiful city surrounded with beautiful filled with beautiful people....all of Norway is that way in our minds' eye!

with a beautiful Ravenel-type bridge.

The banks along the fjord leading to Bergen are well populated.

We caught a shuttle bus in to Bergen city center.  This park and beautiful lake were by the shuttle bus stop.

Huge sculptures surround the lake -- 

Random shots of Bergen's beautiful, colorful and varied architecture.

A must for any visitor is a ride on the Funicular.  It was completed in 1918, after 4 years of work.  The line is 2800 feet long and climbs to an elevation of approximately 1000 feet above the sea.  It is used by the locals as a commuter to town with 6 stops along the way.  In 2002, all the cars and the machinery were replaced.

At the final stop, we marvel at the views!

The lake where we took the pictures earlier.

This restaurant is atop the hill.  It has good wifi and good beer.

These two beers cost about the equivalent of $20 US in kronas.  We had just shy of the correct amount in kronas.  The waitress looked at me and said she would take the lesser amount.  Her look said "Americans!!".

After blogging and drinking another beer, we rode the funicular back down the hill and walked back to the bus stop.  These were some sights along the way -- the local McD's.

A beautiful boulevard.

The Bergen fish market (located under the tents)-- We lunched here on one of our previous stops in Bergen.

Back on the Ruby Princess.  A view of Bergen from the ship as we leave....

At dinner this night, Julian, our wonderful waiter showed us more puzzles.  Make 4 triangles from these 2 with 1 move.

Done -- Julian had to show us.

With 2 moves, make a goal post with the small stick outside the uprights.  You do it.  This one we got.