Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ruby Princess, Invergordon (Inverness), Scotland, Thursday, September 4, 2014

We are at the port of Invergordon today.  It is a 45 minute ride to Inverness or to Loch Ness.  Since we had toured the Loch and driven around Inverness, we decided to stay close to the ship.  In fact, Kathy stayed ON the ship and I got off in search of a wifi.  Turns out that Invergordon is a cute little Scottish town.

All the signs implore the citizens to vote yes on the Scottish independence referendum taking place in 2 weeks.

The information lady told me that there was wifi at an Inn just a short (and nice) walk along the water.  On the way, I got a photo op of the Ruby Princess.

I got to the Inn only to find that it didn't open for another 45 minutes.  I headed out in search of an alternative.  This mural of the Royal National Lifeboat Institute caught my eye along with another "Yes" sigh.

A look at part of my walk from the ship.

The requisite village church.


The town is filled with these murals -- this one for the sports.

This guy is a real YES supporter -- and in front of the Mormon Church.

All along the path, I found only one other wifi hotspot.  That was at the local bookies office.  The street outside the betting office was littered with crew and passengers from the ship and no place to sit.  Since I was in for the long haul, I headed back to Tuckers Inn for opening time.

Since I was using their wifi, I felt obliged to buy a pint and have a little lunch as I blogged.  That's a crew member in the background doing the same.  I blogged in the Tucker Inn for 2 hours.  In talking to the Inn staff, I asked about the referendum vote.  The three were unanimously "No" voters.  When I asked about all the "Yes" signs, they told me that it was a last ditch desperation push by the Yeses.  

Invergordon is not only the seaport for Inverness, it is also a maintenance point for North Sea oil rigs.

Back to the ship where Pat and Kathy are reading their novels and nursing their knees.

The local Scottish performers were WAY cute!  They had been treated to a "goodie" from the bakery onboard.

Day is Done!