Monday, August 5, 2013

Home to Hollywood (MD), Monday, August 29 and Tuesday, August 30, 2013

After hours of packing,

and loading,

we are finally on the road -- for 500 miles, 4 states, and 9 hours including a Cracker Barrel lunch somewhere in North Carolina, bound for Hollywood, MD, home of Tom, Jr. and family.

First item is hanging out with the family (Tom, Jr, MacKenzie, and Emett - Kenz's boyfriend).

Kathy, Morgan, and Leanne

Including Maddie and Tucker.  Note Tucker's new haircut.

Then there is the house tour which includes Leanne's art work and knack for decorating. 

They live in Hollywood, MD....get it??  The Hollywood, CA, hill....the movie theme is throughout the lower level....

And the "stars"  of the "show" are (LtoR) Maggie, MacKenzie and Morgan.

The "show" is "Good Times", as yet unrated!

We doubt the dining room is set like this every night???!!!! 
Then, a delicious dinner and more hanging.

We are quite good at it (MacKenzie, Leanne, and Tom, Jr).

We get some much needed sleep.  Tuesday Kenz takes us to the farm where she rides horses.

We get to meet the chickens,

tour the barn 

the grounds,

and meet the hairy legged rooster.

The garden and house.

Some of the horses grazing happily.

Bye to the chickens.  A beautiful, quiet, peaceful place.

Back at home, Tom, Jr. is home from work and we gather in the kitchen.

We cook.  Leanne taught us how to make Bang Bang Shrimp -- excellent!

MacKenzie is learning to cook.

Morgan and Gabby have an iPad duel as we wait for desert.

Lemonade pie with raspberries -- fantastic!

Tucker can dance.

After both dogs get a "Gabby-do" haircut, MacKenzie bundles up like she is living in Antarctica....her Scrooge father (that would be Tom, Jr) keeps the thermostat at 80!!!!  Tom and I have it at 71......thanks, Leanne, for putting it at 74......and good night all.  Thanks for a great visit....we missed you, Maggie.