Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ruby Princess, Edinburgh (South Queensferry), Scotland, Friday, September 5, 2014

We are shocked to discover that we are anchored amidst the oil rigs and must tender to a port which is 45 minutes from Edinburgh!!!!!  When we spent our 4 days there, we saw the port on a map.  It is next to the Royal Britannia and we had assumed we could see the Britannia and walk to the Museum, such deal.  Very disappointing.  The excuse was that the ship is too big to go under the bridge!!!...perhaps that is true....then alter this crazy route!  So once again, we will stay in the small port and hope there is wifi.

The rail bridge near the ship.

When we arrived in South Queensferry, we had another surprise!  The local people have a shuttle going to city center for £10/pp.  This was never mentioned in the newsletter,, nor at the shore excursion desk, nor shared by the "shore excursion specialist" at his desk nor on his presentation talks.  SHAME ON PRINCESS! They will hear about this from MANY passengers!  We took the shuttle and were more than happy to support the local economy.  This banner is stretched across a large church in downtown Edinburgh, indicating that the church would be open all day.  Suggesting prayer for the right choice.

After looking around for a wifi in a couple of places, Kathy settles in the the local McD's to blog for a while.  I set off to find the Scottish National Museum.  When we were here a few weeks ago with David and McKenzie, the only thing that I requested to see was the SNM.  Well, the locals were on strike that day and I missed it.  I am on a mission!  Walking down Princes Street, I passed the Edinburgh Castle that we had toured last trip.

And some more statues with nice flowers.

I found the museum and found more than I expected.

A whale head.

James Watt, the developer of the steam engine, was from Greenock.  The electrical power unit is named for him.

I had expected that the whole museum would be about Scottish history.  I wandered through exhibits about nearly every other place in the world except Scotland until I asked.  A nice young lass directed me to a corner of the museum dedicated to Scottish history.   Hmmm....wonder how many Scots are reading this before the referendum on 9/18?

A little information about how the Scots get their name.

After picking up a little Scottish history, I headed back into the rain and pass the Gothic tower in memory of Sir Walter Scott.

And the Princes Gardens.

While Tom is exploring the Museum, Kathy is back at this McDonald's, blogging....for 3 hours!  It has been raining all day and the employee who has this "sign" shift must stand here, wet and cold, for two!!! (2) hours at a time!!  We are back to the ship to dry off and warm up.  Cheers!