Friday, September 26, 2014

Ruby Princess, Friends and Fun Onboard, August 27-September 22, 2014

The North Atlantic is full of offshore oil rigs....

and turbulent seas!!!  This particular day the wind was pushing 50 mph and the swells 12-13 feet.

I forgot to bring my Mah Jongg card, but was still able to find a game or two.  This day, we shared....another day, I played with a woman who did not use a card!!!!!  She had the whole thing memorized....and wanted to play for $$$ every day.  I bowed out of that game!

We played lots of bridge with Pat and Joanna.  We rotated partners and, of course, there was a tiny bit of $ exchanged....

The ship was very well equipped with games.  We also had several games of Rummikub.....and the same $1 floated from hand to hand!!!  Fun!

This is Myra....she waited on us often in the Crooners Bar, our favorite spot, simply because it had the best wine and it was the only place on the ship that carried that kind.  They ran out of it, but this Myra and the bar manager scoured the ship and found one more bottle and put our name on it!!!

Julian, our waiter and puzzle guru on the left and Tirso, assistant waiter on the right.  Both are from the Philippines.  Do you see the twinkle in their eyes?  The service was impeccable and they made the dining FUN!

Far left are Howie and Kathy from south the middle are Jerry and Jean from Tampa and in a Del Webb Sun City.   Eating together for nearly two hours each night for nearly a month was nearly disaster!!!  But we made it fine.  Sea days are relaxing and our favorites.